“The Indian judiciary has always interpreted the Constitution positively and creatively to strengthen it further. Be it safeguarding the rights of individuals of the country or when any situation arose where national interest needed to be prioritised, judiciary has always performed its duty,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Saturday.

He was addressing a gathering to mark the Gujarat High Court’s Diamond Jubillee via video conference.

Modi lauded the Gujarat High Court’s dedication and energy in bringing about “truth and justice”. “The Gujarat supreme court has thoroughly worked towards its constitutional duties and has strengthened India’s judiciary and therefore the Constitution,” he said. To mark the 60 years of the Gujarat supreme court , he also unveiled a commemorative postage .

During the lockdown’s testing times, Modi said, the Gujarat HC video conferencing, live streaming judgements and orders a day and proved that our judiciary is efficient and effective. He also said the state was the primary to start out a night court.

Stating it as a proud moment, the PM said the Supreme Court has heard the very best number of cases through video conferencing within the world. “Over 18,000 courts are computerised during the lockdown”, he added.

Praising the country’s judicial establishments, Modi said, “Our high courts and district courts have also administered an outsized number of e-proceedings during COVID”.

He also said the Indian judiciary is “safeguarding the rights of individuals when national interest must be prioritised” and hailed the firmness with which it upholds the Indian constitution.

In an attempt to form virtual courts stronger and more efficient, Modi said India’s digital mission is making e-courts grow at a quick pace and spoke of the likelihood of bringing about AI into the judiciary in near future.


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