20 soldiers were killed in a violent clash between Indo-Chinese soldiers in the Galvan Valley of Ladakh on the night of 15 June. Since then, the situation on the country’s border has remained as tense as it is within the country.

After this accident, the opposition is constantly demanding answers from the central government. The public is also create pressure on the Modi government to take tough measures.

Actually, since coming to power, Prime Minister Modi and his government have made their image as nationalist. Many of their leaders are often found making statements against China and also writing on Twitter.

But now the public wants to go beyond the speeches and social media of the government and its leaders against China and wear a true form of reality. But is it possible to be this!

After Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power to assess this, it can be analyzed so far that he has lost or benefited to China in his tenure.

At present, China is being seen as the emerging economic power of the world, so its damage can also be done in the same way. The analysis should also be about the economic relations between India and China.


Let’s talk about business first. Every year on Diwali, the Bharatiya Janata Party, its associated organizations and ideologically affiliated organizations show their anger by setting China’s goods on fire on the road. But has Prime Minister Narendra Modi given importance to the actions of these people! Looks like this is not the case.

In the financial year 2015-16, India imported goods of Rs. 4.43 lakh crore from China annually.  This figure has increased to Rs 6.18 lakh crore in the year 2019. This was 4.6 lakh crore in the financial year 2016-17, 5.6 lakh crore in 2017-18. If these are added, then India has taken products worth millions of crores of rupees from China. Between 2016 and 2019, China received additional benefits of Rs 3.20 lakh crore from India.


China’s famous telecom company Huawei is being viewed with suspicion all over the world. The company is accused of not only stealing the internal information of the country in which it works, but also giving it to the Chinese government.

Due to these allegations, many countries have banned Huawei. In the year 2019 itself, New Zealand, Japan, Norway refused to allow Huawei to operate in the telecom sector in their country. Sweden also gave the task of developing a 5G network to another company instead of Huawei. The UK has limited Huawei’s role in developing 5G networks.

At the same time, in 2019, the Modi government, allowing national security to operate without any limitation in the telecom sector in India, keeping national security in mind. This decision was also surprising because all the close countries of India, Japan, Austria and America have accused Huawei.


Prime Minister Modi’s affection on China does not end here. The Modi government has given opportunities to Chinese companies to work in every field. The Modi government, which raised the iron man’s slogan in the name of Sardar Patel, gave the contract of this statue to Chinese company i.e. 3000 crore was spent to build this 522 feet statue.

This decision of Modi government was against his own ‘Make in India’ policy and the principles of Sardar Patel himself. Sardar himself was a bitter opponent of China. In a letter written just a month before his death on November 7, 1950,

Recommendation of parliamentary Board ignored

The trade between China and India has never been in India’s favor. India has always been in loss in this business. In the year 2019, India had a loss of $ 56.77 billion in trading with China. Apart from this, the industries of India have also been harmed because their goods cannot be sold in the market in front of cheap Chinese goods.

Due to this, in July 2018, the Standing Committee of Parliament recommended that “anti-dumping duty” be imposed on goods imported from China. So that the trade deficit due to India can be adjusted with this fee and Indian entrepreneurs will also benefit from this. But the Modi government did not take any such step, ignoring this recommendation of the parliamentary committee.

PM Modi’s close friends are investing in China

Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave the slogan of ‘Make in India’ as soon as he came to power. And recently he has given the slogan of ‘Self-reliant India’. The government says that their policies are aimed at increasing investment in India by Indians. But businessmen close to Prime Minister Modi have left their country and remain investors in China.

One of the Indian businesses that have made huge investments in China is Gautam Adani, considered close to Prime Minister Modi. Adani Global Limited has made a large investment in China. Let us know that the close relationship between Gautam Adani and PM Modi has been in constant discussion since he came to power.

Modi government’s solar mission relies on China

In 2015, the Modi government proposed an ambitious plan to achieve 1 lakh MW solar power generation capacity by 2022. But this scheme too has been relied on the Chinese government. Explain that 84% of the equipment for this solar mission was imported from China.

To achieve this target on time, between 2015-18, budgetary support of Rs 35,580 crore was stated to be needed. Thus, 84% of the huge amount has gone to China.


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