Canadians should cancel any non-essential travel plans they could have, whether it’s abroad or maybe between provinces, as new restrictions are on the way, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Tuesday.

“The bad choices of a couple of will never be allowed to place everyone else in peril ,” he said at a press conference outside his Rideau Cottage range in Ottawa.

Trudeau said while the amount of latest cases linked to travel remains low, one case imported from abroad may be a case too many and therefore the federal is actively watching ways to tighten the border.

Trudeau said the govt wants to make sure any measures don’t stop the flow of trade, noting that commercial flights coming into Canada from round the world may need non-essential travellers on board, but essential cargo within the belly of the plane.

Canada has had a ban on non-essential travel into the country by anyone who isn’t a citizen or permanent resident since last March but it can’t as easily bar the flow of Canadians in and out of the country.

Trudeau acknowledged that the majority who return from outside the country must quarantine for 2 weeks, and face financial penalties or jail time if they are doing not. Most also are now required to point out proof of a negative COVID-19 test before arriving in Canada.

That requirement went into effect on Jan. 7. Government data shows that since then, however, dozens of flights have landed in Canada where passengers were later found to possess COVID-19.

As of last week, about 1.15 per cent of travellers arriving in Calgary and participating during a pilot COVID-19 testing program are found to be infected with the virus. an identical project under way at Toronto’s Pearson airport is reported to possess a positivity rate of just over 2 per cent.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford, who had pushed the federal to launch the testing program, is predicted to go to the airport Tuesday


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