In the midst of an ever-growing pandemic, INDIA awaits a dawn of hope and normalcy locked within their homes. The year 2020 till now has been an odyssey of sickness and gloom and the entire country has been living though the mere hope of having an end to this unfortunate episode at the earliest possible time, and so do I. But, an important question is what lies ahead of CORONA? or in other words what will the “CORONA LEGACY” be, which shall be bestowed upon the social and economical fabric of INDIA?? One feels an urgent need of understanding the entire scenario in simpler terms. As a free thinker I find it easy to break things in simpler terms, coz neither do I have ideologies to protect, nor do I have any ideological loyalties to prove or defend. So though this piece of mine I would like to give the readers a somewhat comprehensive and precise picture of what we face today and what lies ahead of India of tomorrow. Owing to being an ideological orphan I do however need to clearly disclaim from the start that the ideas expressed in this piece of mine are totally, completely and purely personal, so any congruence to any of the existing ideologies in these testing times is merely coincidental.

To begin with I would like to congratulate you all on the third edition of the lockdown and salute all the “CORONA WARIORS” for their valiant effort in fighting the virus and keeping the country safe and healthy. Moving on , I must also confess that when the majority of the schools of thought of the present India have turned ISLAMOPHOBIC and SINOPHOBIC, it’s really hard to keep an unbiased stance of thoughts and further analyse the situation ahead of us. Further an important point is that one must simultaneously look for the solutions to these problems also . So along with the problems I would also try to include the possible solutions (according to me) to these challenges that lie ahead in the days to come.

Now what is at hand today for every economical niche in India in their respective states of origin? With the migrant population heading back towards their homes each and every state of the country head towards a worsening situation. More mouths to feed and an exponentially elevated rates of unemployment will automatically create a pressure on the state’s economic equilibrium and increase the rate of consumption of economic resources. This will also create a bottleneck for health and other services of the states. The entire population of migrant workers in India is roughly around 22-23 (twenty Two – twenty three) crores. This population can be further divided into Urban and Rural migrants and the category can further be sub divided to Urban and rural workers depending upon their place of origin and place of employment respectively. My first area of concern is what is the time frame within which this population of approximately 23 crores will be completely shifted to their respective places of origin? Speaking statistically, India has 12,600(approx)i.e. Twelve thousand six hundred passenger trains which have 55,500(approx) fifty five thousand five hundred wagons. So with 72(seventy two) passengers onboard in each wagons countrywide, being operated simultaneously can move only 39 (thirty nine) lakhs of workers only at a time. Again with approximately 16 lakhs of private and government buses at the rate of 30 passengers per bus can transport only 4.5 crores of labourers at a time. The obvious answer to the question is hence that it may take a while to transfer all the migrant labourers to their respective homes. That further implies an extension of the lockdown period again after 17th may. However this problem might have alternative solutions of using airways and other possible means to further fasten the process of transfer. One must not forget that these migrants have to be tested on the same exceeding rates so as to avoid creation of clogging and further worsening of the quarantine centres.

Now let us do a “Time Travel” and pick a date in the near future (hope so) when this moving migrant labourers have safely reached their homes and have been tested, simultaneously segregating the Covid Positive and Negative cases and quarantining has also been done for the positive cases. Now the labours need Jobs to feed their families. There lies my second area of concern i.e. where will these Jobs come from and are the states medically well equipped to carry out Covid testing at a larger and faster scale?? We should also not undermine few less prominent questions to be asked i.e. was the movement of migrant labourers really necessary? or is the movement of migrant labourers a practical solution for every state?? Never the less the question on the movement of these migrant labourers is now a futile exercise so we will concentrate only on the former two questions of lack of creation of employment for reallocated migrant labourers and COVID testing rates of the different states during the movement of the Migratory labourers . Clearly I find the current central government incapable to provide a solution to both these problems.

Let me explain to you all the graveness of this situation, by analysing a parallel concern .Has any one from the government of India taken a sincere interest in carefully reviewing the “Rural Sector” of India in midst of this pandemic. For the information of all the rural sector contributes 48% to our GDP. The entire rural sector today is in state of paralysis and it development has arrived to a complete full stop. Many Self Help Groups (SHGs) for creating self employment have painfully surrendered to the Pandemic sponsored economic constraints. This is the actual truth despite of the fact that the policies of the central government have been advertised for being rural sector friendly and “Kisaan” friendly on all forms of media. In short all the agriculture based economic activities in India today are in dire need of a bailout package. But they are being ignored and denied of the same in spite of regular requests from many top most leaders of the opposition also. Now at this point you might ask that what happened to the earlier asked questions by me about creation of employment for reallocated migrant labourers and COVID testing rates of the different states during the movement of the Migratory labourers. So I would humbly answer to the first question that according to me each and every state of this country will have to strengthen their rural economy to employ these migratory labourers and hence attain a state of equilibrium in terms of its economic resources. And the central government will have to work out exclusive bailout packages for the revival the rural economies of different states. In fact in the recent interview of Mr. Raghu Ram Rajan, former Governor of RBI which was done by Mr. Rahul Gandhi ,former President of Congress party and currently a Member of Parliament it was indirectly indicated by Mr. Raghu Ram that today there is a need of injecting financial packages in different sectors of the Indian economy so that the economy can survive through this pandemic. As far as the question of increasing the testing rates are concerned this again needs a tedious and watertight planning process well in advance along with a complete synchronization of efforts between the centre as well as the state. Sadly to say , this again seems to be a tough ask from the pat of the current central government.

It all comes down to the present times so let us end our Time Travel here and head back to the present times, when the movement of the migratory workers back to their respective homes has just started. So don’t you think now is the perfect time to plan the bailout package and also draft the plan of action for enhancing the testing capacities of the states?? If yes, then there are few pieces more to this puzzle. I will just ask questions and the moment you will start looking for answers, in that very moment you will get all the missing pieces together.

Does the government lack money for bailout packages??

What happens to the approximately 21(Twenty One) lakh crore of revenue earned in taxes by the government in every financial year??

Why aren’t the establishment and salary expenses of the current central government that roughly sums up to approximately 4(four) lakh 30(thirty) thousand crores been deducted or checked or channelized towards welfare activities???

Is the Smart City and Namami Gangey and Swakshta Abhiyaan still under government prime expenditure programs??If yes, Why??

And last but not the least Why CENTRAL VISTA PROJECT of worth Rs.20000 (twenty thousand) crore still going on in this country where a health pandemic is on the verge of becoming an economic pandemic???

In conclusion I would like to reach out to my friends of the ruling party with few words of wisdom often taught in junior classes, coz you people have lost it completely and are busy criticizing Mr. Rahul Gandhi and considering him as your Enemy but we have learnt:

एक मूर्ख दोस्त से, बुद्धिमान दुश्मन अच्छा होता है.


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