Understand this we all are in 2020 and in the tough times and we have the government which is least concerned with the problems of farmers, youth but again that is the main problem. They always have one narrative which is if you are opposing the policies of Modi government then either you are Urban Naxals, Khalistani, Pakistani, and what not. But they have the problem to actually listen to the voice of people.

They got around 37.6% of the vote share in the 2019 General election and they cater to the people who only 2% of them which is a big reason to worry. But we all are heading towards the tough times and our strongest government but not so strong when it comes to the opposition voices. They will always label you and god forbid their language is worst when it comes to public discourse. They abuse the people who are against their bills or agenda. Like you all must have observed the books in the library. Books of one subject let’s say Physics have one section which is Science and Technology and for Mathematics they have another section and if there are any specialization like Algebra, Quadratic Equations etc. Same goes with these uneducated people of the ruling government who have a habit of labeling and use cuss words for the opposition voice.

But at the end of the tunnel where is the light for the people of India. Vote for the people who are adjusting in nature and listen to your needs and demands. Don’t just get swayed away with the slogans like Sonar Bangla, Acche Din, 15 lakh in every bank account. These are all jumlas and when these uneducated people sit on the constitutional posts. They will ignore you like the lion ignore the deer after his appetite. Don’t become a prey of Jumlas but pray that we have someone at that position who listen to you and will stand by you in your tough times. So, if you vote for the people who are least bothered with your needs then don’t complaint about your agonies because every vote will ensure their crony capitalist government and the people will always be at a great loss which in my opinion is a lost cause. Beware of them when you cast your vote in future.


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