BJP being in the power for almost 7 years and still behaves like the opposition. Asking questions like Why unemployment is increasing. The answer to that is How much Jobs were given in Nehru’s era.
Why purchasing of cars going down? Answer is The millennial use Cab applications like Ola, Uber etc. Why petrol price is going up? Answer is why states are not decreasing taxes. Why vegetables price is going up. Answer is I don’t eat onion. This is their sincerity when it comes to the serious questions.

Now let’s come to their handling of Covid-19 like pandemic. There were suggestions given by Rahul Gandhi which were Income support, MGNREGA, Agriculture, Migrant Labour, Credit guarantee for Small shopkeepers. But none were being heard by this thick skinned government. They came up with one package of 20 lakh crore which they had to make people understand for a week but were unable to do so.

How much money they plundered with PM-Cares is still not clear which is in itself have become a joke for the people who donated their money in the fund. Still they have many questions to answer. Like how they get the money to buy the other parties MLA’s., why China is still in India’s LAC, why is China building a village in India, Why Arunachal Pradesh is shown in the China’s official map? Where are the jobs for Youth? Why Kashmiris are treated like our step-sons and daughters? Why a journalist like Arnab got the secret information of sensitive issues like Balakot strike. Why?? Why ?? Why?? And we all know for most of the questions they have two words Nehru and Nehru and if this can’t save them they Covid-19.

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