On the economic front, everyone’s train has derailed. There will be no significant improvement in the next few years. At this time, salary will reduce so much that it will take many years to get back there. In our country, there is no data of salary reduction or job loss. The way you know in the United States that more than 2 crore people lost their jobs, the Government of India does not show that kind of data. The earlier system has also been discontinued.

Slowly the news of job loss has going to started. The Ola company has fired 1400 employees. Food platform Swiggy has also laid off 1,000 employees. Zomato also laid off 600 employees and cut salary by 50 percent. The Read Ant Tailor Company of Nanjangud, Karnataka has fired 1400 employees. The Uber company has laid off a quarter of its employees worldwide.

The news of big companies is published, but you will not get news of medium-sized companies. We are now getting messages that some company has removed 100 people and 200 people have been fired. Companies are also under pressure. The people who damage the economy are only happy. We wish May their joy continue throughout life. But progress is not coming on the economic front.

Uma Sudhir from Hyderabad has filed a report that about 2 lakh teachers teaching in private schools have become unemployed. They do not received salary. So they are working and selling vegetables.

How many journalists and other employees lost their jobs in the media. How many mountains will be broken on them. Where in this time politics was to be polite, but this period is the golden age of ego.

The carelessness and spectacle of the months of January, February and March will cost India dearly. The lockdown done without any thought and purpose has now turned into a joke. The country locked out on 564 cases has ended the lockdown differently in case there are more than 1 lakh cases. Was wrong earlier and is still going wrong.

Become self-sufficient in terms of your sufferings. What is the benefit of telling someone. You can’t do anything. If possible, listen. And whenever he says, he must play the thali in the balcony so that his popularity can be seen as overwhelming and fierce. Keep the candle burning as well. What will be left of Whats App University? That is the real opium.


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