Along with all the countries around the world, every citizen of India is waiting for the corona vaccine. Every news related to this is read or heard with the most interest. But now the Union Health Secretary has said one such thing, which has increased the confusion about the vaccine. He said that the government never said that vaccine would be given to the whole country.

What Health secretary said?

In fact, in a press conference on behalf of the Union Ministry of Health, when a journalist asked the health secretary how long it might take to vaccinate the corona vaccine across the country, immediately in response to this question the health secretary said,

“I want to make it clear that the government has never said that the entire country will be given the Corona vaccine.” Scientific matters should be discussed on the basis of facts only.

Now the stir has started with this statement issued by the Union Health Ministry. People do not understand what the health secretary was saying. Will only a few people get the corona vaccine? Will the corona vaccine be given to only a few cities? Was false information being spread about the vaccine? People are now asking the answers to all these questions. We tell you what the ICMR has to say on this.

So who will get the vaccine?

ICMR Director General Balaram Bhargava tried to answer this question. He made it clear that the objective would be to break the corona virus chain first. That is, where there is more impact, there will be an attempt to eliminate it completely. He said that if a chain break is given by giving a vaccine according to planning, then there will be no need to give corona vaccine to every person.

Dr. Bhargava also told that even after getting the corona vaccine, people will not have to give up the habit of wearing masks. That is, we will have to wear masks even after vaccination. Because if not corona vaccine is given to all people, then there will be a risk of infection.

PM Modi’s statement was different?

Why the confusion was happened in the country after the statement of the Health Secretary. In fact, PM Modi himself has said before that the work of delivering the vaccine to every corner of the country will be done. For this, he also gave information about the entire plan. That is, the Prime Minister himself had told that the Corona vaccine will be given throughout the country. After this, the statement of the health secretary that the government never said that the whole country will be given the corona vaccine, is going to confuse somewhere.

At the moment, people are only waiting for the effective Corona vaccine. Only then will it be clear what preparations have been made by the central government for its distribution and to whom people have a program to deliver this vaccine.


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