Bharatiya Kisan Union(BKU) president Mr Naresh Tikait on Wednesday called Defence Minister Mr Rajnath a “caged parrot” & said the farmers’ issues could be resolved if he is given the freedom to talk with them.

He accused the BJP government of being “stubborn” over the 3 new laws, which farmer unions want repealed. The protesting farmers too are not ready to go back on their demands, he said.

“The government has made Defence Minister Rajnath Singh a caged parrot (‘pinjre ka tota’). If he is given the freedom to talk to farmers, I can guarantee that there would be a decision and the BJP’s prestige will also remain intact,” he said.

Naresh Tikait addressed a farmers’ “mahapanchyat” here & also spoke to reporters, claiming that the Centre was not paying heed to the farmers protesting against the laws.

“BJP Government is stubborn & is not ready to hear out farmers. It should change its attitude,” the BKU Naresh Tikait said.

“If the Prime Minister is not ready to repeal the laws, we are also not going to backtrack. The farmers are ruined & not getting the right price for their produce. The rise in prices of power, Diesel and petrol has affected them also,” he said.

“If this government continues for long, farmers will have to abandon agriculture,” added.

The Bhartiya Kisan Union (BKU) leader said the way to Uttar Pradesh’s (UP) Purvanchal is through Barabanki & if farmers here are made aware of the impact of the new laws, they will be able to tell farmers in that region about it.

“This BJP government is defaming farmers, labelling them as terrorists and Khalistanis & we will not remain silent on this,” he said.

Tikait indicated that he had no quarrel with Union Minister Sanjeev Balyan, whose supporters & those of the Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) clashed recently over the farmers’ protests.

He indirectly referred to the riots in western Uttar Pradesh(UP) in 2013, over which Balyan too had faced charges.

“Earlier Hindus & Muslims lived in amity. But from 2013, BJP spread misconceptions among them & divided society. But now people have understood their tricks,” the BKU leader said.

Thousands of farmers have been camping at the border of Delhi since November-end, demanding the repeal of the new agri-marketing laws. They claim that the laws will weaken the minimum support price (MSP) system, an argument that the government rejects. PTI


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