8 Congress MLAs from Madhya Pradesh have been held by the BJP in ITC Manesar. Attempt to topple the state government

Congress alliance has 114 MLAs while Opposition BJP has 106 MLAs. These eight MLAs can decide the fate of Kamal Nath Govt. Not just the upcoming RS polls

Resort politics resume again as Rajya Sabha polls near, Congress leaders allege that eight MLAs from MP have been held hostage by BJP in ITC Maurya.
Senior Congress leaders on their way to the hotel to rescue their MLAs.

So para military forces being used to held MP legislators hostage in a hotel near Delhi. Seems serious attempt to topple Kamalnath government in Madhya Pradesh.

Big drama at ITC Manesar as Congress alleges CISF has been called in to prevent it’s MLAs leaving. Party alleges it will release incriminating videos of money being promised to topple the government in Madhya Pradesh.

As per Congress sources “Our MLAs being induced, Haryana police and CISF is guarding MLAs and are holding them by force at ITC and our leaders are standing outside and not being allowed to meet them”


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