There is bad news for the millions of small grocery businessmen of the country. Jio Mart, the ‘new shop of the country’ of Mukesh Ambani, a friend of Modiji’s, has started. Whoever walks with them agree with them they will be saved rest will be wiped out.

In a short time, the ‘new shop of the country’ will end the existence of your neighborhood shop. ……

Mukesh Ambani is directly focused on the business of millions of grocery merchants. Jio Mart is offering to buy goods at a 5% discount in the beginning. In Corona crisis, lakhs of families have been forced to buy expensive grocery items as well as their online payment system. Good introduction has been made, so he will definitely give an opportunity to service to Jio Mart. Today, Reliance’s Geomart portal has been launched in 200 cities of the country. The different thing is that Jio’s customers will be able to book goods through WhatsApp, and this social media app has 400 million users in it. Facebook has said that it hopes that partnerships with Geomart will help WhatsApp become an important tool to connect with small businesses.

Reliance also has around 30 crore customers across the country who are taking advantage of Jio service. Apart from this, Reliance has about 10,000 retail outlets in about 6500 cities across the country. There are 50 big godowns, four thousand Jio points, due to which Reliance will not have to spend more to attract customers to its new platform, it will add all the producers, traders, small shopkeepers, brands and consumers. The company had been working on its plan for about two years.

Mukesh Ambani, chairman and managing director of Reliance Industries, said at the Make in Odisha conference in November last year, “Reliance is considering building the world’s largest online-to-offline new commerce platform.”

Reliance is providing online to offline marketplaces to local shoppers through Jio Mart, a business model that China’s leading e-commerce company Alibaba Group Holding Limited has been following. In this, the consumer gets the option to search online products and buy it from a physical store.

Reliance has the capital, unlimited capacity, extensive retail outlets and resources, which it can eliminate competition. Mukesh Ambani’s aim is to achieve the top position in the retail sector in the country and he can do this work in the same way as he did for Reliance Jio but his predator approach will make millions of people unemployed. Write it down and later say that you have not told it.


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