5 months after the Chinese army entered India through the Line of Actual Control in Ladakh, the Central Government is following its policy of hiding information from its own public. Despite the deployment of thousands of soldiers from both sides of the Line of Actual Control, the Central Government is not telling the truth.

It can be understood from this that the Ministry of Defense has removed all the Chinese infiltration information since 2017 from its website. These information were entered as monthly reports, but they are no longer there, have been removed.

What is the matter?

Giving this information in a news report, Indian Express has said that it has asked questions to the Ministry of Defense on this, but the answers have not yet been received.

Sources say that instead of giving a systematic report, the ministry will now publish them in a holistic manner. Every report is put on the website only after getting the green signal from senior officials.

No information on website

In the material currently available on the website of the Ministry of Defense, China has been named only four times since 2019. There is also talk of a joint military exercise on 13-14 August 2019, a ‘hand-in-hand’ exercise of both armies in Meghalaya on 7-20 December 2019.

Apart from this it has been said that the Chinese Navy ship Xingwei-2 was spotted near Porbandar. After this, in March 2020, there is also talk of the Border Roads Organization to build the Bailey Bridge.

That is, now you will not get any information about the current Chinese intrusion on the website. The information, which was little known, has been removed.

The question is what and why the government wants to hide. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said in the all-party meeting that “there is no entry into the Indian border nor is anyone sitting on the Indian land”. After that, the spokespersons of the party and the government are constantly following this line. Moreover, the ministers of the government gave a roundly reply to this even in the official statements in the Parliament.

All this is happening when India and China military have been negotiated 6 times, preparations are going on for the seventh meeting. There has also been talk at diplomatic and political levels. Interestingly, the government does not deny these talks. Then the question arises that on what issue has the conversation been?




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