The death of Sushant Singh Rajput underlines a very serious issue that concerns our society only when we are made to witness a casualty.

A suicide, apparently is the end result of one of many possibilities – failure, fear, depression, loneliness, pain,, lack of purpose in Life, dissatisfaction from something. In all the cases the victim is a prisoner of his thinking which traps him in a zone from where he can’t come out.

While unprofessional experts who wake up and start giving lectures every time there is a high profile suicide case, it’s almost beyond their understanding that its easier said than done.

Let me explain this in a simpler and more relatable context. As we are right in the middle of a global pandemic, and have no medicine or vaccine available, we are completely out of ideas how to handle it. At best we try to prevent it with precautions but ultimately its not in our hands to really get rid of it or find a way out in a simple manner.

Similarly the lack of a solution or bail out plan that irks the mind of a depressed person doesnt let him or her come out of the mental prison, to be able to describe or discuss their situation with another person. They may and indeed do wish to heal themselves but at the end of the day find no avenues for it.

The stigma attached to mental illness and its repercussions are the root cause of the problem. If someone encounters a physical injury they know that a medicine can heal them. If someone has a fever they know a paracetamol will cure them.

A person with teeth ache will go to a dentist and get the treatment. All of these dont come with the burden of Anthropophobia or what people will think or say about them. This , in case of a depressed person is the biggest concern that prevents him or her from venting out their pain/fear/ frustration or what depresses them.

Moral of the story is that today a huge chunk of the population goes through a phase of depression or anxiety which may occur due to work pressure, relationships, failure or some other chaos plaguing their Minds. Some are strong and manage to come out with time, Just like some healthy corona positive patients manage to develop anti body and recover in 3 weeks, but some are so weak that they struggle to heal. Their issue continues to multiply and becomes an incurable tumor after a point in time.

Its important that we build metal fitness centres, counselling zones and first and foremost shred the mindset of looking down/ mocking, showing pity towards them.

Everyone has their own fight, everyone goes through one thing or another,its important that instead of putting more pressure on them or belittling their struggle, We build a better environment for them where they can have more confidence to believe that social engineering

may help them, only if they take a step forward and seek help without fear. It’s not also just about enthusing patience, acceptability and mental strength in one or two individuals affected, but creating an environment where mental illness, depression, loneliness etc are redefined as normal, acceptable and curable without any age old dogma associated with them. Only then can we expect More and more victims breaking the barriers of the mental imprisonment and reaching out to the outer world for help and support, which In my opinion is the genuine necessity for some or most people who lack the ability to self heal themselves and come out from the painful condition without any external assistance.


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