Resisting the wave of attacks she’s been subjected to by the acute right-wing, American lawyer Meena Harris, who is that the niece folks vice chairman Kamala Harris, shared more tweets shedding light on farmers’ agitation against the central government’s three farm laws. She said they were “our issues” also .

She wrote, “This isn’t just about agricultural policy. It’s also about the persecution of a vocal religious minority. It’s police violence, militant nationalism, and attacks on labour rights. It’s global authoritarianism. Don’t tell me to stay out of your affairs. These are all of our issues.”

Meena had voiced her solidarity with the farmers after singer-actor Rihanna posted tweet talking about the web crackdown in Delhi-NCR. As a consequence, members of the Hindu Northern Alliance , a fringe right-wing group, gathered to burn photos of those women in protest.

Speaking of this reaction, she said, “Weird to ascertain a photograph of yourself burned by an extremist mob but imagine what they might do if we lived in India.”

“23 yo labor rights activist Nodeep Kaur was arrested, tortured & sexually assaulted in police custody. She’s been detained without bail for over 20 days,” she added, using the hashtag #ReleaseNodeepKaur.

On Wednesday, 3 February, she had drawn links between the attack on the US Capitol by a pro-Trump mob, and therefore the crack down on farmers by the state, saying, that “It’s no coincidence that the world’s oldest democracy was attacked not even a month ago, and as we speak, the foremost populous democracy is under assault.”

Besides pushback from pro-farm laws groups, the Ministry of External Affairs had also put out a press release condemning the outpouring of international support, which said that these comments were “sensationalist” and “neither responsible nor accurate.”


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