“It is not India’s destiny to be ruled by cowards,” On Monday Mahua Moitra said attacking the PM  Narendra Modi govt over it recent decisions, including the three farm bills and also the CAA.

“The coward is brave only armed with power and authority. You are not courageous but a coward. Either the govt will repeal the laws or people will vote it out,” she warned, while speaking during the debate on Motion of Thanks to the President’s address, which resumed today after a week-long logjam in the Lok Sabha over the three contentious laws.

The TMC Congress leader lashed out at the government for making “hate and bigotry” a part of its narrative and alleged that the judiciary and the media have also “failed” the country.

She also claimed that India is in a “state of undeclared emergency” & attacked a certain section of media quoting the recent Whatsapp chats involving the head of a private TV network and also the judiciary.

“Indian judiciary stopped being scared the day chief justice was accused of sexual harassment, proceed over his own trial and accused himself and went on to accept Rajya Sabha position along with Z+ security cover,” she claimed, though without naming anyone.

Her remarks led to vociferous objections from the treasury benches with BJP’s Nishikant Dubey saying that remarks cannot be made against a person of high authority.

They demanded her remarks be expunged.

However, the Trinmool argued it was against a former CJI & no one was named.

Responding to point of order raised by Nishikant Dubey, Saugata Roy said Moitra “did not refer to any person by name, she referred to person who was the CJI….That man is retired CJl, not a person in high office”.

RSP leader NK Premchandran, who was in the chair, asked Moitra to avoid “such observations” & assured Minister of state for Parliamentary Affairs, Arjun Ram Meghwal, that her remarks will be expunged if found objectionable.

Meghwal termed her comments against the former Chief Justice, who was not named, as “shameful”.

Mahua Moitra, who repeatedly used terms like cowards and cowardice to slam the govt for “hiding behind” power & authority and alleged that it has made India a “virtual police state” by charging critical voices with sedition, also pulled it up for slapping sedition charges against journalists.

“The BJP government has turned propaganda into a cottage industry,” she said, questioning the government for slapping sedition against journalists and trying to take over state governments by “hook or crook”.

The govt’s decision to impose a nationwide lockdown following the outbreak of Coronavirus inflicted “untold misery” on people with lakhs of people forced to walk to their homes hundreds of kilometres away, Moitra alleged.

She demanded that the three new farm laws that have drawn protests from farmers be repealed.


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