Maharashtra Education Minister Varsha Gaikwad has instructed schools to carry out admissions on a provisional basis even if students are unable to produce transfer/leaving certificates. Heeding to complaints of parents to the school education department about schools suspending students or throwing them & denying certificates if full fees are not paid, the minister released a statement through a series of tweets on Wednesday night.

“Every child has a right to education and at the school of their choice. It has come to our notice, in the current extraordinary situation, more students are transferring out of schools due to financial reasons & some are being denied transfer/leaving certificates. Students whose TC/LC is delayed or are unable to produce it may be given admission on a provisional basis by the new school. While schooling till Std 8th already provides for this under the RTE, this rule will also apply to Standard 9th, 10th,” she said.

A government resolution to this effect has been issued by the school education department.


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