The railway officer’s wife and son were shot dead in the railway in Gautampalli, near the Chief Minister’s residence in Uttar Pradesh’s capital Lucknow. Now the police has made a big disclosure in this matter. It is reported that the daughter of a railway officer has shot and killed her mother and brother.

Earlier, the police had said that the railway officer’s daughter was present in the house during the incident. Who is in trauma after the incident.

Daughter is a national level shooter

The daughter of railway officer RD Bajpai is a national level shooter. After the incident, the daughter only gave information to the police. After which the police were constantly trying to gather information about the incident from the daughter. In police interrogation, the daughter confessed her crime. DGP HC Awasthi and all the big officials are present on the occasion.

It has been told that the railway officer’s daughter is a minor and she was in depression for some time. Police said the gun had five bullets, of which the girl fired three. One bullet was hit on his mother, the other on the brother and the third shot on the glass. On the glass on which the shot was shot, it was written – Disqualified Woman.


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