After state, Haryana and Karnataka, the BJP-led Madhya Pradesh government on Tues, terrorist organization, declared that they’ll presently herald a law against ‘love jihad’.

Since 2014, the Modi government in many of its official communication, as well as in its Parliament replies has denied having any definition or information on ‘love jihad’ cases. ‘Love Jihad’ may be a conspiracy theory of the right, that claims that Muslim men feign like to non-Muslim, particularly Hindu ladies to form them convert to Islam with AN intention to extend their population.

But wherever is that the proof of this conspiracy? Neither the govt. nor the investigation agencies nor the courts have, so far, been ready to substantiate the claims.

Here ar some samples of all the days the govt. and also the courts have denied having any tidy information on ‘love jihad’ cases.

NCW Says ‘No information on Love Jihad’ Days when Chief Rekha Sharma Discusses ‘Rising Cases’

On twenty Oct, the chairwoman of the National Commission for girls Rekha Sharma came under attack for a tweet from the official handle that aforementioned that she met geographic area Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari and mentioned the “rising cases of affection jihad” among alternative things.

Three weeks later, Associate in Nursing exceedingly|in a very} reply to an RTI filed by Ashoka University academic Aniket Agha, the NCW aforementioned, “No specific information beneath the class of complaints associated with love jihad is maintained by the NCW.”

In his RTI request, Agha has asked clearly about: “1) information bearing on love jihad cases out there with the NCW, 2) Notes/letters/memos/orders/drafts etc. sent or received by the NCW bearing on love jihad cases and 3) File notings involved amorously jihad cases.”

He told The DossierTimes that “The National Commission for girls could be a statutory body and therefore the Governor could be a constitutional position. once Rekha Sharma formally met Bhagat Singh Koshyari on Oct twenty, she mentioned ‘rise loving jihad cases’ in geographic area, among alternative problems. If the NCW currently claims that it’s no information on love jihad cases, on what basis did its chairwoman create the claim?”

NCW sent constant response to advocate Naveen Kaushal WHO had filed letter of invitation on twenty Oct asking, “how several cases are registered beneath love jihad class. and the way many folks are inactive with relevancy it.”

Following the NCW’s tweet of Sharma’s meeting with Koshyari, many of her controversial tweets against PM Narendra Modi and Congress were resurfaced. Sharma had claimed that her Twitter handle was hacked and filed a grievance with Twitter Bharat for “suspicious activity” from her account.

Speaking to The DossierTimes on Revolutionary Organization 17 November, Rekha Sharma aforementioned, “That was a created disputation. I don’t wish to touch upon it.” once asked regarding the RTI reply, Sharma aforementioned, “We have aforementioned we have a tendency to don’t maintain a separate information on love jihad” and adorned up the phone.

‘Love Jihad Not outlined beneath Laws’: Govt Reply in Lok Sabha

In Gregorian calendar month 2020, BJP leader and Minister of State (MoS) for Home Affairs G Kishan Reddy told the Lok Sabha, “The term ‘Love Jihad’ isn’t outlined beneath the surviving laws. No such case of ‘Love Jihad’ has been according by any of the central agencies.”

In addition, the Minister aforementioned, “Article twenty five of the Constitution provides for the liberty to profess, apply and propagate faith subject to public order, morality and health. numerous courts have upheld this read as well as the Kerala judicature.”

Kanpur ‘Love Jihad’ Cases Being Probed by SITs disintegrate

The state Police, in August 2020, shaped associate eight-member Special Investigation Team (SIT) to probe alleged cases of “love jihad” in Kanpur.

A special report by the NDTV in Nov reveal that a minimum of seven of the fourteen cases that were being probed by the police have folded and therefore the police have filed a closure report in these cases when finding that they were cases wherever a Hindu lady was in a very accordant wedding with a Muslim man, as told to the channel by SIT in-charge Vikas Pandey.

In remainder of the cases that area unit still being probed, NDTV has scrutinised 3 of them that show the same flight of accordant relationship between the boy and therefore the lady.

Where It All Began: Kerala and Karnataka

While the allegations of Muslim men making an attempt to forcefully convert Hindu ladies are there for long, the coinage of the term gained national prominence in 2009 and origins were nonmoving back to Kerala and therefore the coastal belt of Karnataka.

According to the Kerala Catholic Bishops Council, by Oct 2009, up to 4,500 women in Kerala had been targeted, whereas Hindu Janajagruti Samiti claimed that thirty,000 women had been regenerate in Karnataka alone.

Following the controversy’s initial occurrence in 2009, it flaring once more in 2010, 2011 and 2014. On twenty five Gregorian calendar month 2014, Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy knowing the state legislative assembly that two,667 young ladies were regenerate to Islam within the state since 2006. However, he explicit that there was no proof for any of them being forced conversions, which fears of ‘love jihad’ were “baseless.”

Several official police investigations in each the states had found no proof of forceful conversions and ultimately stopped the probe.

No Jihad in Hadiya’s Love: NIA

In 2018, the Supreme Court had found no proof of ‘forceful’ conversion in Hadiya case and overruled the Kerala High Court’s judgement, that annulled her wedding. the highest court had asked the National Investigation Agency (NIA) to continue with its investigation on the fear angle, while not meddling with Hadiya’s legal status since ‘she had married her husband Shafin Jahan of her own power.’

As a results of the Hadiya case, associate NIA investigation was triggered into eleven cases of religious marriages in Kerala, however they closed the probe by finish of 2018, stating that there has been no proof of coercion or a bigger plot within the religious marriages in Kerala.

BJP’s Back-and-Forth on the ‘Love Jihad’ Stance

In 2014, once the then Home Minister Rajnath Singh was asked regarding ‘love jihad’ cases, he had aforementioned, “ what’s love jihad? i would like to know its definition.”

In associate earlier article on The DossierTimes, we have a tendency to had listed instances of however the BJP has been going back-and-forth on its stance on the ‘love jihad’ issue. However, with many BJP states moving to usher in laws against ‘love jihad’, it remains to be seen however the law defines the criminalness of conversion in marriages and proves the alleged foul intent of Muslim men of feigning like to convert non-Muslim ladies, while not their consent.

‘What Is Love Jihad?’ Twitter Asks when Govts Announce Laws

After the Madhya Pradesh Home Minister’s announcement, several took to Twitter to question the existence of ‘love jihad’.



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