The Special Investigation Team (SIT) formed in Kanpur for alleged love jihad cases has submitted its report to IG Range. The SIT has not found evidence of foreign funding and organized conspiracy in these cases. The SIT has included a total of 14 cases in its investigation, in 11 of these cases, the police has filed a charge sheet against the accused. While in 3 cases, adult girls have given a statement in favor of boys, due to which a final report has been put up, no action has been taken on them.

A total of 14 cases had come in Kanpur in which the parents of the children had alleged that their daughters were implicated by the boys by deception. the SIT investigated all the cases in which 11 cases were found in which some crime was committed and 11 people have been sent to jail.

Mohit Aggarwal, IG Zone

IG Joan Mohit Aggarwal told that in these cases of alleged love jihad the SIT found that 4 boys had connections among themselves, who were in constant contact with each other and they married girls of other religions. Apart from this, in three cases, the accused told their name to some other religion.

4 boys have been found who used to talk to each other but so far no foreign funding is known.

Mohit Aggarwal, IG Zone




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