A young girl (Minor girl) from the village who came to the relative’s house. When the girl protested against the attempt to seduce, molester first cut off the thumb of her hand and then the neck. This phenomenal incident is from Ballia in Uttar Pradesh.

Once again, a big question has arisen over the safety of girls in Ballia, Uttar Pradesh. A young man from Kudiyapur village in Sikanderpur police station area brutally killed a minor girl who came to a relative’s house.

When the minor girl went to pluck the vegetables in the field, a young man from the village tried to molest her. He was calling the minor to him but she did not go.

Seeing the protest of the girl, the boy got angry and he carried out the incident. He first cut the thumb of the girl’s hand and then cut her neck.

As soon as the information of this incident was received, the police reached the spot. According to the SP, who reached the spot, a girl was strangled to death by a young man from the same village. the accused has been arrested


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