Coronavirus is an infection that enters the body from one person to another. Non-vegetarian food such as chicken-mutton does not cause infection to enter a person. This information was given by Dr. Randeep Guleria, Director of AIIMS, Delhi. Dr. Guleria has described coronavirus as an infection spreading from humans to humans.

He said, “Coronavirus is a human-to-human infection. Its infection is not spread by animals or carnivores. Keeping in mind that any type of meat, chicken, Fish etc. should be cooked well before eating. ”

It is also being said about coronavirus that the virus itself will be eliminated when the heat is high.

“Coronavirus outbreaks are spreading to both warm countries like Singapore and cold countries of Sweden and Europe.”

He said, “Coronavirus infection does not spread through the air. This infection affects another person when it comes into contact with a person affected by the coronavirus. If the infected person is living in a society, unless there is a condition As long as the other person does not come in contact with the infected person, there is no risk of the infection spreading. ”

Coronavirus is neither cured by eating any substance such as cloves etc., nor can its infection be avoided.

Eliminating the misconceptions of alcohol consumption, “Drinking or not has no effect on coronavirus infection. This is absolutely wrong that the consumption of alcohol does not cause coronavirus.”

Corona virus can be avoided if you wash hands properly.

“The hands should be thoroughly cleaned with soap as soon as they come from outside.”

“The risk of coronavirus can be avoided by washing hands and staying clean. In a situation when you do not have soap available or you are traveling, use a sanitizer to keep hands clean.” Could. ”



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