When Kangana Ranaut called Mumbai a POK, called Maharashtra a Pakistan, say inappropriate things to Uddhav Thackeray who sitting on a dignified position, had people understand that she is speaking such language on whose back. now this actress has crossed the limit.

You can be influenced by a particular ideology, you can repay the favor of getting Y-class protection from the government of the party that supports that ideology through all the hate statements, but you cannot insult the Annadata farmers.

Kangana wrote – ‘These are the same terrorists, not a single citizen has been granted citizenship law (CAA) but they have shed blood of blood.’

Any Indian person associated with any party, cannot tolerate the statement that the farmer is called a terrorist. farmers in Punjab and Haryana are sitting on a strike. Describing these bills as black laws, they have demanded to withdraw them and the government is describing them as their benefit laws. But Kangana’s disrespect is going to break the spirits of the farmer, who is busy in the work of producing food by bypassing winter-summer, sun-rain.

Government will take action?

BJP talking about the rights of the farmers still stand openly in support of Kangana because the question is that if the farmer who feeds 138 crore Indians opposes the policy of the government, will they become a terrorist. BJP, the flag bearer of nationalism, should answer what it has to say on Kangana’s statement. If she is in support of Kangana’s statement and is in opposition, will she take any action against the actress only by asking for show or Central or Himachal government.


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