Justin Trudeau’s cameo as Canada’s president is glamour and glory in equal parts. Boldly representing views that are contrasting to Canada’s intimidating big neighbor, the us , Justin Trudeau is fixing examples in leadership that a lot of young and open-minded people are inspired to follow. A social activist, a reformer, a person who isn’t perfect and doesn’t hide his vulnerability, there are many qualities that set Justin aside from other leaders.

Taking up the highest job for his country wasn’t easy for Justin after a 10-year term by Conservatives under the command of Stephen Harper. Many Canadians were hospitable giving an opportunity to a fresh face. Justin Trudeau has proved time and again that they made the proper choice by electing him for the highest seat.

Born to Rule 

When Justin Trudeau was just four months old, then-US President Nixon predicted the infant would at some point follow in his father’s footsteps.

At a gala dinner during a state visit to Ottawa in 1972, Mr Nixon addressed his Canadian counterpart: “Tonight we’ll dispense with the formalities. I’d wish to toast the longer term prime minister of Canada: to Justin Pierre Trudeau.”

According to CBC, the elder Trudeau responded that ought to his son ever lead the country, “I hope he has the grace and skill of the president.”

While Mr Nixon’s political career, of course, led to disgrace, Mr Trudeau went on to dominate Canadian politics until the mid-1980s, provoking passionate and polarising opinions.

His first election in 1968 inspired a fanatical fandom among young voters that became referred to as “Trudeaumania”. And his administration included many historic accomplishments like making both French and English the official languages of the federal .

His own path

Justin lived much of his childhood within the limelight . The family’s security detail gave him the codename “Maple 3”.

But as he grew up he shied faraway from politics. He attended McGill University then the University of British Columbia , where he earned a degree in education. He became an educator .

In 1998, his youngest brother Michel was killed in an avalanche in British Columbia . That tragedy forced him into the general public spotlight and he became a spokesman for avalanche safety.

When his father died two years later at the age 80, Mr Trudeau delivered the eulogy at the nationally televised funeral. His speech was widely praised and led many to ponder his potential for position for the primary time.

He married his wife Sophie Gregoire, a Quebecois television and radio reporter, in 2004. they need three children.

Political beginnings

Mr Trudeau became more politically active following his father’s death. He won the Liberal nomination within the Papineau riding in 2007 and have become MP in 2008. Even at this early point he was seen as leadership material for the Liberal Party .

He was re-elected as MP in 2011.

After declining to run leadership of the Liberal Party several times, Mr Trudeau finally declared his intention to run in 2012. During the campaign, he was criticised by his opponents for his inexperience and lack of policy positions – an equivalent line of attack utilized in this election campaign – but won the position during a landslide in 2013


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