Arizona has 11 electoral college votes and with the victory there, the difference between Joe Biden and Donald Trump has widened.

Joe Biden, who had already won a majority, has 290 electoral college votes after winning Arizona.

At the same time, his opponent, President Donald Trump, could win only 217 seats.

In America, 270 electoral college votes are required to win the presidential election and form a government.

In that sense, Biden have already won this election – Arizona’s 11 electoral college votes?

According to experts, winning in Arizona is no longer a big deal.

It is worth noting that Biden in Arizona won by a margin of 11,000 votes – which cannot be called a big win.

But Arizona never voted for Democrats after the 1996 election. In 2016, Republican leader Donald Trump won a major victory here, but this time the situation has changed and it is believed that this happened due to the swing of Latin American voters.

Then the Democrats’ victory in Arizona, which strengthens political ground for Biden and Kamala Harris, as some Republican leaders, including Donald Trump, are still not accepting the election results.

Joe Biden is now ahead of Donald Trump at the national level by nearly five crore three million votes.


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