Bihar assembly election results are coming out, in trends NDA is going to form government in Bihar once again. In the special discussion about these trends, all aspects of the results were discussed. Swaraj India leader Yogendra Yadav said that this match is very close. At the moment the counting of votes is yet to be completed. That is why it can only be said that what was being said in the beginning that elections have been held in the bag of NDA, now it seems to be changed in the competition of thorns.

Not a signal for national politics

Yadav said that the Congress has proved to be a burden for the grand alliance, but the results and trends of the left parties are coming out. Overall, they have proved to be better for the Grand Alliance. At the same time, BJP is strong inside the NDA alliance. Yogendra Yadav said that the result is getting, but what is the mandate is not visible.

Yogendra Yadav said that whether this Bihar result shows us a trend at any national level, I doubt it. That is why I say the result is not a mandate. The state government will be formed, but there are no signs for national politics.

Left parties helped the Grand Alliance

In this special discussion, election analyst Sanjay Kumar said about the seats being given to the left parties, that, at the time when the grand alliance was being formed, people had no idea how the Left would perform. But the way left parties are seen, it is visible that the areas where they have their vote are still intact. On the other hand, if we talk about the Congress, then it could not give the kind of support to the coalition that was needed.

BJP got success in its game?

Yogendra Yadav said about the BJP’s rise in Bihar that, when the elections started, the BJP felt that we are winning but reduce the stature of Nitish by taking advantage of the opportunity. It seemed to everyone that The game may be overshadowed by the BJP, because cutting and cutting Nitish, he will cut the same cast on which he himself is sitting. If the results remain the same then there is no doubt that the BJP has played its long-term game well. First go with the help of a colleague and then cut his wings and capture him. This BJP did with Shiv Sena in Maharashtra, tried it with Akali Dal in Punjab, did it with Lok Dal in Haryana. If this result comes then BJP will be considered successful in this game.


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