“The toppers are the tip of an iceberg of
student migration,” 

“More recent data, post-2015, suggest that
the trend of out-migration of Indian talent
and wealth has accelerated.”


Data collected by Baru from a few of high- profile private schools in New Delhi show that while round the turn of the century about 20 percent of their highschool students went abroad For graduate studies, the amount shot up to close to 50 per cent by 2010 and to 70 per cent in 2019. If the CBSE and ISC toppers are India’s brightest, many of the school-leavers from private schools like these belong to India’s wealthiest.


actually , there’s now an emerging category of Indians migrating out and opting to remain out of
India because they feel their motherland no longer wants them. This sense of alienation, especially among minorities, may be a disturbing trend.

“An equally worrying trend is that the increasing
number of India’s super-rich who have chosen to
live abroad and work from abroad,”


Indian laws permit an annual outward remittance
of up to US$2,50,000. The law also permits business persons to function from overseas as non-resident entities.

“The next generation of top Indian business
families is increasingly choosing this dual status
of owning and managing business in India while
living overseas,” he concludes.


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