Amidst the Corona crisis in the country, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi spoke to the press through video conferencing. Talking to the press, Rahul Gandhi said that if the Corona is to be defeated then all the parties of the country will have to work together.

Rahul Gandhi further said that lockdown is not the only way to prevent corona. He said that the most important thing is to do test. He said that we have to increase testing. He said that the testing is very less in our country. He said that we need to do more testing.

Rahul Gandhi said that whatever has happened, now we need to work together. Lockdown is not the only solution, only it will help prevent Corona, but much more needs to be done. There is a need to talk to the administration of the state separately at this time. Several steps need to be taken.

The Congress leader said, “There will be a shortage of food in the coming days. You have a food supply in the warehouse, give it to the poor people. In the hour of this crisis, the government should expedite the distribution of ration among the poor. He said that the warehouse is full of ration. In such a situation, 10 kg ration should be given to the poor every week. He said that after the arrival of new crop, more ration will reach to the godown. At such a time, the ration should be distributed among the poor. ”

He said that the government should implement the NYAY scheme. Need to add the money in the account of 20 percent people. The workers are upset. In such a situation, there is a need to take such steps. If you want to change the name of the NYAY scheme than do it

He said, “Unemployment is going to increase in the coming days. Most small industries give employment In such a situation, there is a need to take steps on how to secure small industries. There should be no delay in taking such steps. Steps should be taken soon. Because this is a national issue. ”

Rahul Gandhi said, “Corona can’t be controlled. It can be managed. The better you manage things in this crisis, the more it will help eliminate the corona. There is a need to constantly talk to the Chief Ministers of the states in this crisis. ”

On the issue of opening the lockdown, Rahul Gandhi said that there is a need to open the lockdown in a planned manner. He said that if the lockdown is lifted suddenly, it will increase the risk further. States will also have to plan. The steps the Center is taking should be allowed to be taken, on the other hand, the states should also let them work in their own way.

Addressing the press conference, Rahul Gandhi said that our main force is working at the state and district levels to fight against the corona virus. He said that due to effective machinery at the district level, Wayanad in Kerala has been successful.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said that in the midst of the Corona crisis, there are many things on which questions can be raised. The first issue is that of testing. At the same time, the second one is connected to those who will give us employment, what steps are being taken for them. Rahul Gandhi said that all these things should be cleared.

Asked about the delay in getting the testing kit from China, Rahul Gandhi said, “As soon as the corona spread, all countries started ordering testing kits. Wherever testing kits are available, there has been a decrease in testing kits. In such a situation, we have to find some way, so that we can get a tisting kit. We cannot fight this battle without testing. “


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