Earlier this year , Mr. Rahul Gandhi had warned the nation about the outbreak of Corona Virus from China which according to him was dangerous for countries like India with dwindling health precautions. To this the present government ignored the warning and organised “Namastey Trump” at Ahmedabad which now in the trap of the virus at its worst. Then happened the hate speeches and riots at Delhi thus began the year 2020 for us in INDIA. There was a time when this virus might have been stopped through stopping International Flights in the country but instead the nation chose to falsely blame the Markaz for the out beak. Then followed the “Lockdown” , which categorically made it a point that the Business and Trade of the country that earlier was already on ventilator deteriorated further and the GDP slipped below the ZERO mark. In this economic crisis instead of helping the small businessman, middle class and the farmer the government chose to help the elite business class through schemes of Loan Waiver.

In return of this waiver the privileged were then directed to contribute to the PM Care Fund, and thus continued the unplanned and ill managed phase of Lockdown. The migrant labourers have to walk the roads of nation with bare foot and only false promises came to their rescue .

The government however churned profits out of this also through increasing Railway Fares.

When the entire political representation chose to sit safe in their respective homes it was only Rahul Gandhi Ji who chose to come on road and ask the common man about their sufferings and lend a helping hand in what so ever way he could to end their suffering. The senior congress leader along with his senior colleagues of the Congress Party tied to provide transportation facilities to the Migrant Labourers on road. And later his this effort was also countered and stopped by the ruling BJP government of Uttar Pradesh and Centre. In Delhi the Kejriwal Government continued to sing the tunes of Hindutva Narrative and in doing so the AAP government blamed the MARKAZ for spreading corona in Delhi and nation as well. Late the Honourable Legislative bodies of the country cleared these false allegations on Markaz and the Kejriwal Government was scolded for the same. In midst of all these political turmoil our borders were attacked by the Chinese and 20(twenty) Indian soldiers died defending the motherland. The PM till date has not acknowledged the attack of China and death of the soldiers still remain a point of national shame. Then the Indo-Nepal Border saw a phase of tensions with nepali soldiers beating Indian farmers of the Indian border. Strangely the Media of the country all this time with few exceptions bur largely continued to divert the entire national attention on issues that were never relevant for the country as a whole. Bhutan also stopped the water supply to our country during this time but the media continued to praise the Modi government by spreading false news and propaganda. However in doing so they also reported the withdrawal of Chinese troops from our borders which in turn made the PM look like hiding facts of Chinese intrusion from the nation.
The 5th of August 2020 saw the Bhoomipoojan of Ram Janm Bhoomi in Ayodhaya while the chinese continued to build their strong holds at our borders. More than 2(Two) Crores of jobs were lost . almost every PSU was sold, inflation came to its peak, petrol and diesel prices increased and thus came the much awaited ‘ACHHEY DIN”.In the days ahead with plans to abolish MSP for farmers the middle class is expected to be subjected to goods with prices beyond their pockets.

Within last 8 months the country has been seen fighting battles on a daily basis with pandemic as its prime foe. Needless to say the health sector has also taken a heavy toll owing to this and the health officials have been fighting an un sung heroic battle against all odds.

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