Acid attacks are not stopping despite new stringent laws regarding acid. The latest case is of an acid attack on three Dalit sisters in Gonda, Uttar Pradesh. While the three sisters were sleeping, someone threw acid on them. Two sisters are moderately scorched while the third has more scorched face. Aam Aadmi Part leader Sanjay Singh took up the matter. He tweeted the news of acid being thrown.

The incident of throwing acid on three sisters in Gonda is from Paska Paraspur of Paraspur police station area. Nothing has been known about who threw the acid and why. By the way, there are countless cases in which acid thrower was detected, also punished. Many cases were so overcrowded that even the law of the country was changed, its unauthorized sale was banned, but the cases of acid throwing were not reduced. That is, the rules and regulations remained limited on the paper itself.

This is the reason that such incidents of acid throwing happen almost daily. Sometimes acid is thrown at someone for not celebrating the marriage proposal, sometimes due to mutual rivalry. One such famous case came up in Bihar in August last year.

Acid was thrown at 16 people in Bihar

In August last year in Vaishali district of Bihar, the miscreants threw acid on 16 people of a family because they protested against molesting a woman in their family. 8 people were badly burned in the incident. After that incident, senior police officer of Vaishali district Raghav Dayal said that the number of attackers was 20 and that they had come with the intention of teaching a lesson to the victim’s family. It was being told that some youths from the village had been harassing a woman from this family for the past few days and the victim family had reprimanded them.


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