Once a journalist was a respected person of the society. They had received an invitation from abroad to attend a seminar some fifteen years ago and they had gone there and attended that seminar. They got a lot of respect. But in the last two decades there has been a revolution in the journalism world. The world of journalism has really changed. The poor journalist who used to use a friend’s scooter to get from one press conference to another press conference with a torn jeans and a broken pen, the same journalist now use luxury cars and spend hours in a five star hotel in the evening. Why should they dont live like this  now? Millions of rupees a month’s salary, company of ministers and industrialists, asking the questions to country on TV in the evening, whomever rebukes and reprimands ! Today’s journalist has become God. Editors of major channels and newspapers do not have their feet on the ground and why their feet stick to the ground? It is heard that the annual salary of a famous editor was Rs one crore. Car-horse, airplane, five-star hotel, travel abroad – all this is a minor thing. Earn a month’s salary of twenty-twenty-five lakh rupees is not a big deal for the ‘great anchors’ of the famous channels. in the evening while taking a ship, the same anchor and editor proudly says between their programs, “We fall and form the government”.

And this is a harsh truth. Journalism is no longer an ideal, not a service, but a business like any other business. The goal of every business is to earn maximum profit. In the same way, the goal of journalism now is to earn the biggest salary, use expensive cars and fall and form the government every evening. Now it is evident that in this race ideal, truth and social service is not possible. For this you sell not only your pen but also your soul. And this game is done by our modern journalist shamelessly every evening. It is heard that many journalists also do the deal making for industrialists on the other ‘side’, if you go to the press club in the evening, then the poor little journalists narrate many such stories after taking the names of big editors. Don’t know how much is true and how much is rumour. But some harsh truths are visible to everyone. For example, a big TV anchor came to Tihar accused of blackmailing to big industrialist. But now it is heard that he meets Prime Minister. he is now a highly respected journalist and preaches to the nation every evening through TV. We remember that in the 1980s, a journalist used to walk on Lambretta Scooter, drink tea at the dhaba, now he is the owner of a famous channel, the great anchor who shouted questions to the country every evening, became a partner of a channel from reporter.

Yes, as much as the world of politics is corrupt, the world of journalism is more corrupt. That is why journalists are now called ‘lapdogs’, not ‘watchdogs’. Ideal and truth, the journalist takes the contract to form and topple the government. Why go away, between 2012 and 2014, journalists had openly taken up the contract to topple the Congress-led UPA government in the 2G case. Eventually, the whole case turned out to be a lie. The minister who went to jail due to the noise of journalists in the 2G case was acquitted by the Supreme Court. Every TV channel at that time was strangling to demand Lokpal. If the Modi government came to power in 2014, then no journalist remembered the Lokpal. He was appointed years later. Now nobody even asks who he is and what he is doing. It is clear that between 2012 and 2014, most TV and print journalists were on contract to defeat the UPA government in the 2014 general elections.

But since Modi ji has come, since then the format of the contracting of journalism has changed. These days journalists take the contract to run the government. The basis of Modi’s politics is an ‘enemy’. He uses the strategy of winning the election by gathering the Hindu majority vote bank in his favor. For this he creates an imaginary fear in Hindu society. Obviously, there must be an enemy to generate fear. In Modi ji’s strategy, that enemy is  Muslim. But the question is how to create the fear of that enemy among the general public. So this work is given to the journalists on contract. What is their job in this contract! Their job is to incite hatred towards minority Muslims in society by giving them the image of Hindu enemy. the media has done that work successfully by linking the Tabligi Jamaat with the Corona virus case that now Muslims have become untouchable in Hindu society. The Muslim vegetable seller and the street vendor can no longer go to Hindu colonies and sell their goods. Salute to the Indian media who colored a mistake of Tabligi Jamaat and now Muslim become corona jihadi in the mind of hindus and aroused hatred in the Hindu mind.

At the time of elections, Modi ji will kill this Ravana of Muslim Jihadi Hindu enemy with his dialogues and win the election. You saw, how today’s modern businessman journalist turned Muslim society in to jihadi and spread Red carpet for Modi ji and give image of entire Muslim society Hindu’s enemy. Now the time has come that the country will be scorched by the politics of hate or else the journalism should be banned on contractual basis.


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