Amid the Corona virus crisis in the country, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has given many important suggestions to the Modi government. He tweeted, “Our country is fighting a war with the corona virus. Today the question is, what should we do that not many people die? The government has a huge responsibility to control the situation. I believe that our strategy should be divided into two parts. ”

Rahul Gandhi further tweeted, “Furiously battling the Corona virus,

A. Living in isolation and testing patients on a large scale to prevent infection.

B. Immediate expansion of emergency temporary hospital in urban areas on a large scale. Full ICU facility should be available in these Hospitals.

Rahul Gandhi said that the second part in the war with Corona virus is related to the economy. He said,

A. Daily wage workers need immediate help. Direct cash transfer to their account. Grocery should available for free. Any delay in this would be disastrous.

B. Business is at a standstill so give Tax exemption, financial assistance should also be provided so that jobs are saved. Small and big traders should get solid government assurances.



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