Why does the BJP-led central government oblige those who insults Bapu. Whether it is the case of Karnataka BJP leader Nalin Kumar Katil or of Bhopal MP Pragya Thakur. Katil made a statement in favor of Bapu’s killer Nathuram Godse and was made the president of the Karnataka BJP shortly thereafter. Bhopal MP Pragya Thakur, who described Bapu’s killer Nathuram Godse as a patriot, was included in the Parliamentary Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Defense.

He called bapu as a ‘Father of Pakistan’

Now the latest incident has emerged of Anil Kumar Soumitra. He is the same Soumitra, who last year called Bapu as ‘Father of Pakistan’, the Father of Pakistan. Soumitra was the head of the media cell of the Madhya Pradesh BJP. When the controversy over saying ‘Father of Pakistan’ increased, BJP removed him from the post, this is the incident of May 2019. But now he has been appointed professor at the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), the highest institution of journalism.

On Saumitra’s statement of ‘Father of Pakistan’, BJP had said that it is against the policies, ideas and principles of the party, something similar was also said in the case of Katil and it was said to take action in 10 days. But no concrete action was seen.

In his Facebook post, Soumitra wrote, “He (Bapu) was the father of the nation but of Pakistan.” In 2013, when Soumitra was the editor of Charaivati, the mouthpiece of the BJP in Madhya Pradesh, he wrote an article titled ‘Life of a nun in the hell of the church’ Was. In this, he accused sexual harassment of nuns in the Catholic Church. Even then he was removed by the BJP.

Soumitra then wrote a letter to Indore MP Sumitra Mahajan, stating that he was treated like a criminal, even though he was elected editor because of his association with the RSS and its ideology.

According to ‘The Indian Express’, more than 60 people were interviewed for the post of professor. These interviews were taken in the first week of September. Soumitra will remain in probation period for 2 years of his appointment.

Soumitra will now teach journalism students at a renowned institute like IIMC. After all his thinking for Bapu, how was he made a professor? What they will teach about Bapu to the students who are going to become journalists is not required.


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