The Indian Army has upgraded the living facilities of the army personnel in Eastern Ladakh. Now the soldiers will get more facilities here. Since East Ladakh is such a region, where after November every year there is snowfall up to 40 feet, while the temperature goes down to minus 30-40 degrees, in order to make the conditions easier for the soldiers here Has been upgraded.

Let us tell that East Ladakh has also been in discussion about the ongoing border dispute with China for the last few months. It was here that in June, 20 soldiers of the Indian Army lost their lives in a violent clash with the People’s Liberation Army of China in the Galvan Valley. At the same time, some damage was also reported to the Chinese Army.

On Wednesday, the Indian Army issued a statement saying that ‘To enhance the operational capacity of the troops stationed at the border in the cold, the Indian Army has finished upgrading the facilities of the soldiers in the sector.

In the statement, the army said, “In addition to the camps with integrated facilities prepared in the last years, excellent facilities for electricity, water, heating facilities, health and sanitation have been added.

The army said that in view of the deployment of the soldiers, they are being given the facility of heater-covered tents. Apart from this, sufficient civil infrastructure is also being built to meet any contingency needs of the soldiers.

In October, a Chinese government media official shared a video on Twitter, which also showed preparations being made by the Chinese military for the cold in the Chinese region. Under this, it was said to provide solar and wind power facilities for Chinese soldiers and hot water facility for 24 hours.



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