Doctors and nursing staff who take care of the patients are struggling with the life and death, even a slight lapse then this deadly disease will engulf them. 3,300 in China, 5,600 in Spain and more than 5,000 medical staff in Italy have been affected by the corona virus. More than 200 doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers and technicians have died in all three countries. In the US, the number of medical staff in the grip of covid-19 and killed due to this is increasing rapidly.

Dr. Cornelia Griggs, a surgeon from New York, said, “This is the first time I am afraid to go to work, but despite the fear we have been trained to save lives and we do it Have been. ” Dr. Griggs says, “Earlier, my husband and I never thought of writing a will, but this weekend we put it on our list of essential tasks.”

The condition of doctors and nursing staff in India is even more worrisome. There is a shortage of masks, surgery gloves and sanitizers in many government hospitals of the country. Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, located in Bhagalpur, Bihar, has more than 500 senior and resident doctors. A few days ago, covid-19 was confirmed in four samples sent from this medical college. Now this entire hospital looks like a drought in the face of an unprecedented crisis.

On the condition of anonymity, a doctor posted said, “Everyday OPD patients are touched and tested. If any one of them gets covid-19 then the disease is sure to spread in the entire hospital. ” From one doctor to another and patients and resident doctors to hostels. According to the hospital doctor, it is very difficult to break this chain of covid-19.

Dr. Sachin Verma, who put a video on social media to make the society aware, appealed to the people with great disappointment. Dr. Verma said, “Doctors, nursing staff and ward boys are being forced to work without masks and gloves. Once people belonging to one medical sector start getting hit by the corona virus, India’s weak health care system can collapse. ”

Troubled by people storing sanitizer in their homes, the doctor at Nehru Medical College said, “Washing hands is more effective for sanitizers than at home.” In hospitals, sanitizer is used frequently to avoid wasting time in washing hands. But now the condition is that sanitizer is ending in hospitals too. It is not available in the market. If he is in the houses, he is also closed.

Doctors are expressing similar concerns from all corners of the country. Isolation ward, OPD and emergency in different shifts in medical college are seen in front of Kovid-19’s danger. They do not have reusable masks like the N-95. The medical staff is hoping to rescue Corona using three of the three surgery masks. According to the doctor who is doing day and night duty in Bhagalpur, away from home, “most of the doctors’ phones call every two to three hours and ask, is everything okay?”

Facing these risks, millions of doctors and nursing staff in the world are working to save the corona virus patients. In order to fill the shortage of doctors and protect the aged medical staff from infection, students studying in medical college are being deployed in hospitals in many countries including Germany. Governments and doctors are appealing to people to stay indoors with folded hands, that they should not deposit necessary medical material at home and stay at home themselves. The message is clear, “If the health workers don’t survive, how will you survive?”


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