Amidst the corona epidemic, while crores of people are in awe of this virus and are following every caution, some people are devising new ways to turn this disaster into an opportunity. One such interesting case has come to light in Mumbai. Where a person took advantage of the name of corona virus in such a way that it became expensive. The 24-year-old man told his wife that he had developed a corona and moved to another city with his girlfriend.

It is being told that on 24 July, the man called his wife and said that he has developed a corona and he will not be able to live much longer. After this, he disconnected the phone and disappeared. The wife got upset thinking that the husband is coronated and perhaps his health was bad. After which the woman’s family lodged a missing report in the police. When the police started investigating the matter, it was found that this person from Mumbai is in Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

Police caught him with his girlfriend in Indore

The police sent one of its teams to Indore, but what the police saw there was quite shocking. This man was living comfortably with his girlfriend in Indore. It was told that he never had a corona. He misled his wife by saying Corona and ran away with his girlfriend.

After hearing the whole story from the man, the police caught him and brought him back to Mumbai. In this case, the police was investigating from several angles. Police searched CCTV cameras for about a month in search of him and tried to trace his mobile too.


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