When BJP MLA told the freedom Fighter a Pakistani agent on that time 102 year old freedom fighter HS Dorswamy felt so bad and writing his CV, He had written everything from his birth in the city in 1918 to the Quit India Movement, Vinoba Bhave’s Bhoodan Movement and the campaign to revive the lakes in Bengaluru. He showed these papers and said, “You can read it and tell me if there is anything anti-national in it.”

YSR Congress chief and CM of Andhra Pradesh gave Rajyasabha ticket to Parimal Nathwani who is Reliance india’s officer

Grand old party appointed DK Shivakumar as the Karnataka Congress and former MLA Anil Chaudhary as the new president of the Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee, Rahul Gandhi’s touch is being seen in this organisational changes.

Google has taken stern action on rumors and fake videos related to Coronavirus, For this, the company has installed software algorithms that will index and rank the correct information. Misinformation and rumors will be downed.

Two students from the Amravati district are in Italy, badly affected by Coronavirus, have been trapped, their family members are requesting local MP for help to bring them back safely to India.

In Madhya Pradesh former union Minister Jyotiraditya scindia joined BJP

On Friday, the stock market witnessed a tremendous Historic decline.

Sophie Trudeau, wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has been found to be Corona virus positive. This has been confirmed after investigation. On the other hand, PM Justin Trudeau started living separately from his wife after the symptoms of Corona virus appeared in his wife.

In Iran, 514 people have died due to infection of coronavirus. Authorities confirmed this on Friday.

The government has increased the excise duty on Petrol-Diesel by Rs 3 per liter. In the case of petrol, the special excise duty has been increased by Rs 2 to Rs 8. At the same time, special excise duty of diesel has been increased by Rs 4 per liter.



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