On the one hand, some people want vegetables to become Hindu-Muslims during the pandemic, but on the other hand temple’s Pujari complete the last journey on the shoulders of the Muslims.

Temple priest Ramesh Mathur died during the lockdown at Kayastha Dharamshala in Meerut. Ramesh was a priest of Dharamshala and lives there with his wife. Only one son and wife were present in the house. Most of the families and relatives are all in other cities. Muslims are more in the neighborhood. After the death of the priest, Akil reached after hearing the cry. Then the whole locality was gathered and everyone was engaged to take care of the family of the Pujari.

Akil Mian, Hifzur Rahman got the cremation items. Mahmud Ansari, Anwar, Allu, Danish Saifee and many others got the bier ready. These people took him on the shoulder and took him to the crematorium with the name Ram is true…. The last visit of the priest was completed.

The priest’s son says that we are all like family. Everyone came forward without calling and helped us.

With all the crisis, Corona has also brought a lesson that humanity is bigger than religious madness. Those who are campaigning for the division of society, tell them that we refuse to fight and divide among ourselves.

(This article is taken from journalist Krishnakant’s Facebook wall)



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