A senior judge in Srinagar, Abdul Rashid Malik has expressed that he’s unable to listen to a bail plea, alleging that a Jammu and Kashmir supreme court Judge had attempted to influence him and directed him to not grant bail to the applicant, PTI reported.

Principal Sessions Judge Judge Malik, during a written order, alleged that the secretary to a Jammu and Kashmir supreme court justice telephoned him at 9:51 a.m. on Monday, when a bail plea by Sheikh Salman was to scheduled to be heard.
He revealed the contents of the decision , disclosing that the secretary to the justice, said she had been “directed by the Hon’ble Mr Justice” to convey that he “makes sure no bail is granted” to the concerned person.

“If there’s any Anticipatory bail pending, the direction is that the same,” Malik further said within the order.

Thereafter, Judge Malik expressed his “inability to listen to the matter” and reportedly said in an order dated 7 December, “this application is submitted to learned Registrar Judicial, supreme court of Jammu and Kashmir with the request that an equivalent could also be placed before Hon’ble judge because the matter involves the freedom of the person.”

The matter proceeded to be heard by the registrar of the supreme court , who directed the second district and sessions judge to listen to the bail application, a state lawman said, PTI reported.

Advocate Aatir Javed filed the bail application within the matter, and therefore the accused was granted bail on Wednesday.


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