The attitude of the police and the administration in the Hathras rape and murder case raises many questions which put a question mark on the entire system. The kind of insensitivity shown by the police and administration officials raises the question, what are the flaws in their training?
The question also arises whether the selection process of administrative officers is flawed or that bureaucracy becomes unbridled in the face of political pressure and personal ambition? Otherwise what is the reason that these officers deployed for the service of the public do not know the service, even common courtesy, and take the target of the victim family only? Do different kinds of excesses with him?

The victim’s family was threatened

These questions are arising because the police and administration kept the family members of the victim in Hathras under siege for two days, did not let anyone go to meet them, kept their watch. What is more worrying is that the police-administration officer treated the family of the victim in a very rude manner, intimidated and threatened them. Even they are facing allegations of assault.
The news channel ‘Aaj Tak’ has said in a news that the victim’s family said that the district magistrate spoke to them indecently. The victim’s sister-in-law said, “The DM said that if your daughter had died of corona, you would have been compensated.” The victim’s family said that she was questioned by the SIT, she did not trust them.

The victim’s sister-in-law said,

“We were not allowed to leave the house for two days because the police were afraid that we might not tell the truth to the media.”


The police did not hand over the victim’s body to the relatives and burnt them by putting kerosene at 2.30 pm. The police and the administration do not regret this insensitivity, he spoke to the family in a very rude manner and explained the reason for this. The victim’s sister-in-law told reporters,

‘When we asked to show the dead body, the DM said that you know what happens to the dead body after the postmortem? Bones are broken by hammering. Due to the postmortem, she is in very mutilated condition. You will not be able to see. You will not be able to eat food for ten days. Will not be able to sleep. ‘

The family members of the victim also say that they do not know whose corpse was burnt. The victim’s mother told reporters, “They did not give our daughter soil.” My daughter-in-law said that show it once. The people of SIT used to tell us that you do not know how much money has gone into your account. Burned the body without showing us. We could not even see our daughter for the last time.

Pressure to Change the statementĀ 

Even before this, the video has gone on social media, in which the district magistrates are pressuring the family to change the statement. In this video, District Magistrate Praveen Kumar Luxkar is heard saying, “Don’t lose your credibility.” These media peopleā€¦ some left today, some will leave tomorrow. Only we will be with you. It is up to you to change the statement or not. Tomorrow we can also change. ”


In the same video, the victim’s sister also reiterates that the district magistrate has threatened her. She says that people in the administration have pressured her to change her statement.
She says, ‘They are pressuring us. They are telling us that if our daughter had died of corona virus infection, she would have been compensated. They are saying that the matter will be revamped. We are getting threats. Our father is being threatened.
Not only this, the police are working on the theory of local BJP leaders that this is a case of honor killing and the family members have killed the victim. Police insensitivity can be gauged from this. After passing very difficult examinations and very rigorous training, these officers are posted and after much experience, they are appointed to full positions of responsibility.
After all, how can they be so insensitive that the victim’s family says that if the daughter had died from Corona, she would not have received the money, but she is getting it now, take it and keep quiet.


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