Haryana Congress today launched a “Join Congress Social Media” campaign, aiming to hire 10,000 “warriors” to fight “hate”.

“BJP has a paid ‘troll army’. They are masked people who peddle lies. Congress, on the contrary, will have real people who will connect with citizens,” state party president Kumari Selja told the media here.

Kumari Selja added, “Those who enroll for the campaign will be given basic training. They will be given responsibility according to their level of understanding of social media.”

Vivek Bansal, state in-charge of the Congress, said: “Today, the democratic values are in danger. The democracy allows citizens to protest, but the Centre’s attitude towards protesting farmers raises a lot of questions.”

To a query on meek responses by the Congress to the ruling party on several issues, Bansal said, “There is a team of TV channels that don’t broadcast protests by the Congress.”

When asked why he and Selja were absent when CLP members marched to the Governor’s residence last week, Bansal admitted that it was an anomaly. “I had received a message about the march, but I saw it later. You will see more coordination now. There is no factionalism. We all are on good terms.”


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