Microsoft has come to know of cyber attacks targeting 7 major companies of India and other countries including covid-19 vaccine manufacturer. This includes leading pharmaceutical companies and vaccine researchers from Canada, France, India, South Korea and the United States.

Attacked from Russia and North Korea 

The attack has been carried out from Russia and North Korea. However, Microsoft has not revealed the names of the vaccine manufacturers. In the case of India, at least 7 Indian pharma companies are working to develop vaccines against coronaviruses, which are being led by Serum Institute and Bharat Biotech.

According to Microsoft, among the companies that have been targeted, most of the vaccine manufacturers are those whose clinical trials of the vaccine are going on.

Which countries have been targeted?

“A clinical research organization is conducting a clinical trial and has developed a COVID-19 vaccine test. Most of the organizations that have been targeted,” said Tom Burt, corporate vice president of Customer Security and Trust, in a statement on Friday. Either they have contracted with the government or government agencies have invested in them. ”

The names of these cyber attack act are strontium, zinc and cerium. These are attacks whose purpose is to make a dent in people’s accounts by making thousands or millions of efforts. These credentials are sending messages for jobs by stealing and showing themselves as recruiters, or sending epidemic messages from the WSO.

Burt has said, “Most of these attacks we stopped for our security system. Also we have informed all the organizations. We offer help to the organizations that the attackers have succeeded in targeting. Too. ”

Let us know that even before this, the field of health has been targeted by cyber attackers. Shortly before, ransom was sought after targeting many hospitals and healthcare organizations across America.


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