Ahead of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation Elections, the Ahmedabad unit of Gujarat Congress launched a ‘promissory note’ Sunday promising 50,000 jobs, free Covid-19 vaccine, free quality education, & multi-specialty hospital among other amenities if the party comes to power.

Launching the ‘Amdavad: The Amazing City’ at an event in Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan of Paldi ,Ahmedabad, senior Congress leaders, including Ahmedabad former mayor Himmantsinh Patel, promised to end unemployment woes of the youth in the city.

“We prepared our manifesto-cum-promissory note after discussions with the people through our ‘Hello’ campaign and other organisations. We guarantee employment to 50,000 unemployed persons, free education in modern schools, stopping privatisation of education, skill-based training, a 24-hour functioning library, free Covid-19 vaccine, 24×7 ambulance service with ventilator and oxygen support facility, 200-1,000 bedded multi-specialty hospital, Tiranga clinic in each ward of Ahmedabad, free testing for diabetes & blood pressure for citizens, reviving V S Hospital in Ahmedabad, abolishing the third party contract system in hospitals & granting government jobs to staff, increase in buses and routes in city premises, revival of double-decker buses, concession pass for citizens, including 50 % for students & senior citizens, free travel for women & former army, police, home guard and para military personnel,” Deepak Babariya, Congress Manifesto Committee head, said .

The Gujarat Congress also promised a slum-free Ahmedabad with concrete houses for the underprivileged and facility of clean drinking water for all wards.


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