There is undoubtedly a democratic system of governance in India, but as far as behavior is concerned, since 2014, the presidential system has been running here. The working style of Prime Minister Modi is such that people have started calling this government ‘Modi government’ and it seems that it is just a matter of time when people will start calling them President Modi.

It may be that most people in the country are not comfortable with the feeling of being governed by someone in 2020, but it is also true that there are a large number of people who have understood themselves by realizing that their The fate is now decided by this person.

After spending six years in power, the question has started to arise in the minds of people that from Nirav Modi, Vijay Mallya, Mehul Choksi to Nityananda, what is the reason behind running away from under the Modi government’s nose Is blessed. The ‘ruler’ benefited Anil Ambani’s company formed two weeks ago in the Rafale deal, and of course the Supreme Court did not see anything wrong in it, but doubts arise.

Words continue to resonate in the mind and during the last six years, Narendra Modi has said many such things which are now questioning him. During the 2014 Lok Sabha election campaign, then the Chief Minister of Gujarat had said, “Congress’s hand is visible only during elections and then it disappears till the next election.” Its leaders are very clever who show their hands first, then join hands, shake hands and then walk with shaking hands. ”

He said this one after the other in various rallies and kept clapping. Six years later, Modi’s words are coming true to the Bharatiya Janata Party, whose sole purpose is to win elections and capture power. Then Modi had said that during the last six and a half decades people have faced inflation, unemployment and corruption and their government will change all this.

After six years, everything from petrol-diesel-LPG to train ticket-platform tickets have become expensive. In order to stay alive, a large number of people have started frying vegetables and frying, and Modi has kept quiet on most of the things related to the common man’s pocket.

He can be heard on radio and TV shouting self-pity and shouting erudition on every subject, but he has no time for the lakhs of migrant laborers who were employed after Modi imposed the lockdown without notice. Was thrown out. During the last two months, not a single word has emerged from Modi’s mouth for these people.

In the last six years, this government has repeatedly proved that this government, based on propaganda, works mainly keeping in mind the propaganda. On June 3, an advertisement was published in all the leading newspapers, which said- “Overseas laborers and daily laboring friends … the country is with you!”

It was also said that daily wages have been increased by Rs 20 under MGNREGA, so that they can be able to get out of the difficult situation caused by the Corona virus global epidemic. It can only be called a cruel joke. A government that has done virtually nothing for millions of people is sprinkling salt on the burn, offering an extra Rs 20 per day per family.


But it is not that everyone’s condition has deteriorated in deciding the journey from 2014 to 2020. The number of billionaires in India has increased significantly during this period and the rich have bought more properties abroad and invested more money outside. But it remains to be seen what is the status of common people.

GDP growth is at an 11-year low and unemployment is at a 45-year high, private investment is in shambles, rating agencies continue to lower India’s ratings, inflation is rising, interest rates are going down Due to which savings and senior citizens are being affected. Budget allocation has been reduced from health and education-like social sectors to defense. It seems that sacrifices for the country are being expected from everyone but the government.

The recipe for survival from common people to the economy by taking loans has been prepared – take a loan, be happy. The interest rate has come down, the EMI burden has been reduced, the loan has been made easier. The government feels that apart from this, nothing is needed. If people start buying more then the car of development will come on track.

But the lives of most of these people do not matter. Only a few contractors, traders, suppliers who are working with the government or the Bharatiya Janata Party will benefit. These people are happy. Yes, the lawyers whose services the government has hired are most happy.

The government wants people to believe that ‘six years are unmatched’. But how? As with any government, this government too has done some good work. But most of his works were wrong and some were very wrong. It took steps like the Bankruptcy Code, NCLT and GST, whose direction was right but in this case also the government took a shot in its own foot.

The country was still trying to overcome the shock of demonetisation and faulty GST, that the sudden implementation of the lockdown destroyed all expectations. The BJP government has made three big mistakes. Its concept of a strong center and a weak state led to centralization of power. Decentralization can only work in a large, diverse and complex country like India and that is why centralization of powers has proved disastrous.

Its second mistake was to move forward on a lot of fronts at the same time. The government is fortunate to take one or two big decisions in a year and complete it to capacity. Instead of moving step by step, the government put all its energy, resources and time to change everything in one stroke, which led to confusion and chaos. While in opposition, the BJP promised to give everything to everyone.

In fulfillment of its promise, BJP has given land to good governance. The government’s third mistake was the haste in meeting its political agenda. Instead of banking, police and administrative reforms, it decided to move ahead on Ram Mandir, triple talaq, Article 370, NRC and amended citizenship law.

Apart from these, the Modi government made another big mistake by spending money of people’s hard-earned money recklessly. The raining of flowers on fighter planes, the construction of giant statues and buildings, the encouragement of cow dung and cow urine, the formation of institutions such as the Kamdhenu Commission to encourage Panchagavya, investing research money to find out whether the people of ancient India They knew about stem cells, these are all activities on which the expenses could be avoided. Was it necessary that in this phase of the epidemic, Lutyens would go ahead with the Central Vista project in Delhi costing 20,000 crore?

There is a long list of such losses incurred during the six years of the Modi government. But the damage it has caused to social harmony and the way it has corrupted the credibility of statistics and institutions, the country will have to suffer in the long run.


The 2014 election opened a new chapter in India’s electoral history. Publicity was done on the lines of US propaganda. Looting money with both hands, riding the tide of social media, Modi appealed to the people – one family has ruled India for 60 years, you give me only 60 months. He showcased Gujarat loudly and said that his kingdom is in the 21st century today, while the whole country is living in the 19th century.

He told the people that he is building a city in Gujarat which will be twice as big as Delhi to Douna and Shanghai. They have transported water to the desert of Gujarat. Whether the city and the village, electricity has reached everywhere. Give them a chance, they will make the country Gujarat. Promised to teach Pakistan a lesson and tell China its position. Will bring India in its place, bring back the black money stashed abroad. Making all such promises, he showed the people of the country a good day. Where he reached the country after six years is in front of everyone.


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