Google, the world’s largest search engine and technology company, has taken stern action on rumors and fake videos related to Coronavirus. So far, 1,13,00 cases of this dangerous virus have been reported worldwide. A lot of rumors and fake information exist on online platforms about this virus, due to which people are not getting the right information. At the same time, many kinds of fake videos related to this virus are also available on Google’s video platform Youtube. In such a situation, users are getting wrong information related to the virus.

Google has started taking necessary steps to prevent fake information related to this virus. For this, the company has installed software algorithms that will index and rank the correct information. Misinformation and rumors will be downed. The Google search result associated with Coronavirus (COVID-19) has triggered the SOS Alert trigger which will display only the information published by Mainstream Publication, National Public Radio, World Health Organization.

Apart from Google Search, fake videos released on Youtube are being removed. Specifically, those videos are being targeted in which information is being given about the claims and medical treatment to cure the corona. At the same time, many fake apps related to Coronavirus on Google Play Store have also been removed.


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