Galvan encroachment seems to have ended the peace that has been going on for decades. The truth is that the value of all proposals and agreements shows that India has always been stuck in a reactionary position, has been one step behind China in terms of preparedness, and today india has failed to tackle the latest provocations of China, and the propaganda associated with every incident.

The greater concern is that in principle, both sides have to ensure that tension is kept under control by not using guns or cannons within two kilometers of the Line of Actual Control (LAC). But India and China have different understanding about the border. What is not understood is that China has so far made it clear that it is not strategically interested to resolve the border dispute with India, and by agreeing and denying the LAC, and they wants to make India unstable. China is now presenting such new claims, which were never disclosed before. The result is that despite the acceptance of peace, the borders have been disputed for decades, and the territory of India is constantly being dogged.

This can be understood most clearly by the incident which took place in Nathu La in 1967. Much can be learned from that momentous incident.


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