Before enter in Bigg Boss 13 there were reports of siddharth Shukla and Arti Singh’s affair but in Bigg Boss 13 Arti singh made it clear that they are only friends ,not only this she was talking so many about her past relationships After the show was over, Aarti Singh spoke openly about her relationship. Aarti Singh said these things in an interview.

Aarti said- ‘I want to fall in love but I do not consider myself lucky in love. I have had relationships but it didn’t convert into marriage. So I think Love Marriage is not for me. ‘ When Aarti was asked who was responsible for the breakup, she said- ‘I will not say men are only responsible, girls are also responsible.

She further said- ‘I behaved immature many times. Many times it happened that he moved on in his life with someone else. While I kept waiting for them. Aarti described both the relationship and career a combo. Aarti said- ‘These two were like a combo for me. Any relationship in my life didnt reach to its destination and you do not even have a work.

Aarti also made a big disclosure on her personal life during Bigg Boss. Aarti told to House mates that there was an attempt to rape on her. Recently, Aarti’s brother Krishna Abhishek reacted to Aarti’s statement. Krishna said in an interview ‘She spoke too much in flow, she was not raped by anyone, It was going to happen but the boy ran away. There was also an FIR on him. He was not catch. The police also tried to find him.


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