The lockdown step taken to tackle the corona virus may become a threat to farmers. A new crisis is now in front of the farmers, who is facing the problems of harvesting, peeling, loading and transporting the sugarcane crop. The wheat crop will be ready for harvesting in a few days, but the laborers are not there. The laborers sections who have gone out to earn have not reached home due to lockdown. If the situation will remain thn, then there is a economic crisis is waiting for the farmers, in such a situation, there may also be a crisis of food grains. There are millions of hectors of wheat crop standing. While the weather is constantly turning, it can also prove fatal for the farmers.

Agriculture expert Amokant told that most of the wheat harvesting starts from the last week of March. But this time due to the spread of coronavirus, farmers are facing problems due to lack of labor. The machines which have to come from outside for harvesting are also being stopped. Due to this, machines are not able to reach villages. Apart from this, the laborer who lives in the village only after harvesting after Holi is guarded. If the crop is not harvested in a week, the farmers may face an economic crisis. There are many problems for sugarcane farmers.

State Vice President of the Indian Farmers Union, Harnam Verma said that the ground reality is that cattle rearing does not have ration for animals. He is unable to move out due to lockdown. Apart from this, the police is harassing the farmers who dig potatoes. It is the time to harvest lentils and mustard. In such a situation, if the machines and laborers do not reach there, then surely there will be an economic crisis on the farmers. Due to this, there will be a crisis in the mine. The government’s package will not reach to the farmers. The farmers should be allowed to do their work while sanitizing and protecting them.



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