For those who are not getting food, who are on the road and walk one and a half thousand kilometers, for those who have the biggest crisis of life, 20 lakh crores means sand for them .

Lakshmi Sahu is going from Lucknow to Chhattisgarh with her husband and son. This family is traveling on bicycle. Sometimes traveling on a bicycle, when they tired, then walk. When he reached Rae Bareli, the reporter asked Lakshmi that the Prime Minister had given a package of 20 lakh crores, what she wants to say.

Lakshmi said, “When there is no work, what is there to be happy about?” I am a daily wage laborer and have no employment… what will I eat? It is better that I return to my home and work in the fields. ”

Regarding the package, Lakshmi said, “What is the benefit? We did not even get ration where we were staying, I went to three shops. Everyone asked about my Aadhaar card, but no one gave ration. It was good if they would arrange buses to go to our house. At least we could say that the government cares for us. “


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