The government of Germany has issued an advertisement, in which the lazy people are portrayed as heroes in the fight against the corona virus.

The government released that 90-second video online on Saturday. It tells an elderly man how he served his country in the winter of 2020, when the corona virus epidemic struck. The person in the advertisement states that he was a student at the time.

The person in the advertisement says, “Suddenly the fate of this country came into our hands. Then we mustered up courage and did what was expected of us and what was right. That means we did nothing. ”

The person goes on to say, “Day and night, we stayed at home and fought the corona virus. Our front was our couch and our patience was our weapon. ”

At the end of this advertisement the message from the government is, “You can also become a hero by staying at home.”

To prevent the spread of corona virus, the German government has imposed new restrictions from the month of November. Restaurants, bars and gyms have been closed here and restrictions have been placed on gathering of people.


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