There is so much debate on reservation in india now a days some people are in favor and some are opposing it but no one has a time to look into the matter that what the real situation is?

As a society we need to understand the truth, people say so many things about equality but did Dalits gets equality? Dalits are in same condition which they were in post and pre independence, In UP mayawati do politics of dalits and she got opportunity to become CM for the so many times but the situation of Dalits are same

It’s estimated that over 600 sewer workers die every year ,that’s more than 10 times the number of indian soldiers killed by terrorist, as per the data of NCSK (National Commission for Safai karmachari) reveals that 50 sewer workers died while cleaning the sewer in the first six months of 2019 alone.

Supreme court of india ordered the government to give 10 lakh as a compensation to the family of a people who died while cleaning the sewer but Govt ignored this but some people want to snatch their special rights.

If any dalit will become IAS then can we think for a while that any General caste peon will marry her daughter to a Dalit peon, it is a challenge to find a home of Dalits in a Posh area so which type of equality so still should we take their special rights ?


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